Strength through partnerships

Lootok and ClearView partner to provide the very best BC software.

ClearView logo

Software alone is not a silver bullet; neither is consulting. Used properly, these two can revolutionize a program. That mutuality is the foundation for our partnership with ClearView. Lootok excels at program set up, training, awareness, and adoption. ClearView provides a best-in-class software that can grow with your program, while not overwhelming your users.

Over the last 10 years, Lootok has been presented with myriad opportunities to team up with an industry software. So, why ClearView? This endeavor was not entered into lightly. We were picky, and rightly so. The software had to be great. Check. ClearView is robust, stable, and easy to use. Double check. What we also loved about ClearView is their clients were up and running quickly. We’ve heard so many horror stories of companies buying BC software and 6 months, one year, or even two years later the software had still not been implemented.

We also chose ClearView because:

  • They are recognized globally for their UI, technical sophistication, and strong reporting.
  • They know and support all of the important BC standards (e.g., ISO 22301).
  • They provide SaaS and self-hosting options. It’s up to you.
  • They have a proven track record (leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant).
  • They have charming, British accents.

ClearView was equally discerning. They chose Lootok because:

  • We’re creative, thought leaders in risk.
  • We pair BC expertise with fun, engaging, and effective means of gathering information.
  • We have a deep understanding of technology and BC software.
  • We forge long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We have New York accents.

We’re delighted by the possibilities brought about by this partnership, and are proud to be associated with ClearView.

Please reach out to learn more about Lootok and ClearView or to experience a demo first-hand.

Lootok and Nettitude partner to provide revolutionary cybersecurity and crisis management services.

Nettitude logo

The threats impacting businesses today are complex, insidious, and almost always have an up or downstream impact on technology. Cyber attacks are also borderless and can impact core operations as easily as business partner and supply chain operations. Therefore, when companies look to increase their resiliency they must weigh equally their operational and technological vulnerabilities.

One challenge that many organizations face is that there is no single entity governing cybersecurity and crisis management. With different reporting structures, separate budgets, and uncoordinated planning, they struggle to stay in sync. This partnership takes aim at breaking down those silos and helping organizations to get an honest and holistic view of their risk landscape.

What makes this such an ideal partnership is that Lootok and Nettitude are both thought leaders and innovators in their respective domains. Lootok blends cognitive science, military models, engagement strategies, and industry standards to create new ways of understanding and managing crisis management. Nettitude is uniquely positioned to provide simulations of real-world attacks to companies of any size, industry, or geographic location. Adhering to some of the highest accreditation standards in the industry including CREST, CBEST, and PCI DSS, Nettitude offers some of the most advanced testing practices and insight in the cybersecurity industry. Furthermore, Nettitude and Lootok understand the needs of Fortune 500 clients and have extensive experience working with global organizations.

Sean Murphy, CEO of Lootok, explains: “Everyone is clamoring for cyber exercises, but they don’t understand what their cyber vulnerabilities are. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario. We needed a partner who could unpack the specific and real cyber threats for our clients. We looked no further than Nettitude.” “We’re excited to bring cybersecurity solutions to organizations that may be facing cyber challenges for the first time, and are becoming increasingly aware of threats, new regulatory factors, or have even been affected by a malicious attack themselves. As we begin to see large scale attacks, it is crucial that every company have a cybersecurity strategy in place,” says Rowland Johnson, CEO of Nettitude.

Please reach out to learn more about Lootok and Nettitude reduce your cybersecurity risks.

Lootok partners with Andersen Steinberg, the leader in risk and resilience executive recruitment.

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In consulting, your talent is your brand. Every hire must embody your corporate values, reflect your work ethic, and follow the standards and processes that you have worked so hard to forge. However, with rigorous standards come a thoughtful and slow hiring process. Lootok had to ask themselves: “How do we scale quickly, while maintaining quality?” In response, Lootok is excited to announce a new partnership with Andersen Steinberg—a force in executive recruitment within the risk and resiliency industry. CEO of Lootok, Sean S. Murphy, explains: “To meet the demand for fully outsourced crisis and business continuity programs, Lootok needed a model that allowed us to deploy the right resources in record time, while also supporting local languages and specialized skillsets. With a global network and a reputation for attracting the finest, risk talent, Andersen Steinberg gave us the capability.”

Principally, what matters to Lootok also matters to Andersen Steinberg. They have kindred corporate philosophies and understand the value that quality talent provides to our clients, culture, and profits. When companies call on Lootok to manage their crisis and business continuity programs, Lootok becomes their global team—managing technology, training, awareness, messaging, reporting, roll out, and support. Therefore, the “right” resources are critical to the success of the program. Those “right” resources may speak Mandarin, understand a niche area of supply chain risk, or have deep knowledge of a specific technology. Andersen Steinberg specializes in finding talent that meets those unique criteria.

Together, this partnership gives Andersen Steinberg the opportunities to place the next generation of leaders in global risk, while giving Lootok the ability to scale their innovative services that have transformed the industry over the last ten years.

Please reach out to learn more about how Lootok and Andersen Steinberg can revolutionize your program.