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The best of Lootok in a cost-effective and repeatable package

For more than ten years, Lootok has developed innovative materials for Fortune 100 companies. We now offer a set of services that represents our most successful strategies, activities, and workshops.

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“At the end of the day, you end up with all of the skills, tools, templates, and training to execute and build an approach to business continuity that’s unique to your business and that’s right for you. It’s not off the shelf because you have the ability to create it yourself. So, you can make it as shallow or deep as you like. ”

Brent J. Pickens Director of Global Risk Management at Bemis Company, Inc.


photo of Christopher Rivera

Christopher Rivera

Account Executive

Christopher is a certified project manager specializing in communication strategies, with experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management. His interactions range from the NYC Police Department to the C-Suite of a Fortune 100 company.

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