ClearView software

Does business continuity for your organization fall on your shoulders? How do you create a scalable program with limited time and resources?

ClearView’s technology solution brings Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis Management program to life through tools, workflows, and automation to take your program to the next level. Create and maintain your risk assessments, business impact analyses (BIAs), business continuity plans (BCPs), disaster recovery (DR) plans, exercises, rapid notification, and incident management all in one place.

Why ClearView?

As you assess other solutions, avoid falling into the customization trap, wherein you spend so much time refining and changing the base solution that it takes years to implement, requires expensive expertise to change, and demands a dedicated technical resource to manage. ClearView is that perfect blend of structure and flexibility. We provide a rich set of features that can be enabled or disabled as needed, empower program owners with self-service tools, interoperate with your current systems, and make it simple for new groups to join the program.

  • The software is recognized globally by the Gartner, BCI, DRI, and CRI for its clean user interface, technical sophistication, and strong reporting.
  • It supports all of the important BC standards (e.g., ISO 22301).
  • It provides global hosted and self-hosting options. It’s up to you.
  • The license is cost-effective and does not follow the costly, per-user pricing structures.
  • The software functionality is never trimmed by your license terms. You get it all.

Build a better program, faster

The ClearView and Lootok partnership is unique. Implementation teams from other BC software providers are technologists at heart. With the ClearView and Lootok partnership you get a world-class BC solution and a renown BC consulting firm in one package. This combination not only leads to a seamless implementation, but also delivers insights that build a better program.

We’ve heard so many horror stories of companies buying BC software and 6 months, one year, or even two years later the software had still not been implemented. That is never the case with ClearView.

On-time, on-budget, as-promised

Our promise as your technology partner is to implement the solution on-time, on-budget, and as-promised, and provide ongoing guidance on how to leverage additional ClearView features as your program matures.

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Find more information about ClearView on their website: clearview-continuity.com.

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“After much research and several demonstrations, we decided on Clearview. We have been thrilled with the ease of use, customer support, and robustness of ClearView. The Clearview/Lootok partnership is exceptional as well and one that we have clearly benefited from. Clearview has been keen to our suggestions for any improvements and has made enhancements that we have greatly benefited from. I have no doubt that our ISO audit process will go very smoothly due to our Clearview implementation.”

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