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Where should you start?

  • There are many ways to kick-start your program. Whether it’s an awareness campaign, a current state assessment, or a compelling exercise to “wow” your C-suite, Lootok can help you grow your program in strategic steps.

Need support with something specific?

  • Lootok’s conducts activities in a way that’s enjoyable and fast. Our interactive workshops get nearly 75% of the information needed for BIAs, plans, and resiliency strategies — within just a few hours.

Understaffed and overwhelmed? Outsource it.

  • Lootok’s team of experienced advisors can take care of plan development, training, and exercising at a regional or local level. When managing your program, we act as an extension of your team, so that you can focus strategically on the more pressing demands of your role.

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“Lootok has a very efficient and effective approach to the tedious task that has traditionally been a BIA. The activity-based approach was dynamic and very well-received...What I found as a byproduct is I didn’t have to chase people down quite as much to update their plans.”

Gerard Smith Director, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, Corporate Executive Board (CEB)


photo of Christopher Rivera

Christopher Rivera

Account Executive

Christopher is a certified project manager specializing in communication strategies, with experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management. His interactions range from the NYC Police Department to the C-Suites of Fortune 100 companies.

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