Custom technology solutions

Technology is essential to a risk program’s scalability, efficiency, and data integrity. However, a technology rarely solves all of the problems facing programs. Used properly, technology paired with the right consulting services holds the potential to revolutionize programs. This mutuality is the foundation for Lootok’s custom technology services. These services support clients who require bespoke technology solutions.

What kind of work have we done?

  • Function-rich program portals that can encompass:
    • Multi-language capability
    • Support for thousands of users worldwide
    • Self-service and automation (user enablement)
    • Multiple programs on one platform
    • Real-time program status and reporting
  • Promotional program pages, websites or apps
  • Dynamic risk manual websites
  • Data visualizations
  • Custom app design

What is the process?

Lootok follows an agile process, wherein requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between project/functional teams and end users. The benefits of agile are that it:

  • Focuses on business and user value
  • Engages stakeholders in all project phases
  • Delivers early and predictable pieces of usable technology
  • Ensures that costs and the schedule are predictable
  • Allows for change as priorities shift
  • Improves overall quality
  • Supports transparency of decision-making

What are Lootok’s platform strengths?

  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow

  • SharePoint
  • .Net

See how we can help

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Did you know that Lootok also provide a turn-key, business continuity software called ClearView?  Learn more.

“The Mars Risk & Resiliency Portal has become the heart and soul of business resiliency, recovery, and risk management across the organization. As a continuously growing global company with 80,000 Associates across 1,500 sites, the Portal has allowed Mars an invaluable platform to scale our continuity and risk programs successfully.”

Matt Jarm Global Resiliency Risk Manager


Technology director

Kate has built a career on bridging the gap between business needs and technology. Kate began her career at Verizon managing cellular application implementation and later managed projects from IT Infrastructure to some of the largest business applications, including Salesforce and SharePoint. From her experience running global projects and teams, Kate draws on strong development principles, client management skills, and technology implementation methodologies to greater serve the needs of customers.