Implementation & maintenance

Are you a team of one? For organizations with limited resources, Lootok provides implementation and maintenance services for crisis management and business continuity programs. Using our activity-based data collection methods and facilitation acumen, Lootok can instruct on and complete business impacts analyses (BIAs), plans, assessments, and more for clients anywhere in the world. These services contribute to the roll out and maintenance of programs and allow for continuous improvement over time.

An additional, and equality critical goal of these services is to engage participants and demonstrate the program value. Lootok understands that a self-sustaining program requires buy-in and demand from all participants, at all levels of the organization.

Deliverables include:

  • Crisis management planning, training, and exercises
  • Business Impact Analyses (BIAs)
  • Business continuity planning, training, and exercises
  • Risk matrix
  • Commitment and compliance communication plan

Grow your team with experts

“Lootok has a very efficient and effective approach to the tedious task that has traditionally been a BIA. The activity-based approach was dynamic and very well-received...What I found as a byproduct is I didn't have to chase people down quite as much to update their plans.”

Gerard Smith Director, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, Corporate Executive Board (CEB)


photo of Anthony DeVito

Anthony DeVito


Anthony is a licensed risk management professional with expertise in business continuity, crisis management, and a host of risk management software. At Lootok, Anthony builds robust business continuity and crisis management programs for our clients that protect the people, products, and profits that shape today's businesses.

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