Strategy & governance

One of the greatest challenges that risk leaders face is to design a sustainable program that both satisfies an audit and precipitates participation and buy in across the organization. Lootok helps you to develop the right program structure and strategies to make that goal a reality.

Enlisting help from Lootok’s experts can help your team quickly grasp what is working and what is not working with your current program. We will examine all areas of a program, some often overlooked, to create a structure that is bespoke for your organizational culture, program maturity, and resiliency goals.

In this process, we will explore:

  • Who’s in charge? Is there clear program ownership and are people fulfilling their responsibilities?
  • What is your program’s identity and promise? Is your program recognized and understood?
  • What’s in it for me? Are your communications clear and relevant?
  • How does the process work? Are there policies in place? What are you asking participants to do?
  • What data do I need at time of event? Are the data in business continuity plans easy or difficult to use?
  • What do I really need to know? Is end-user training readily available?

Start with a sound foundation

“Lootok was fundamental in helping us put together the framework for our business continuity management program. With business continuity, not only are you introducing a concept to somebody, but you're also asking them to learn it, embrace it, and then engage others. Lootok's training materials, games, interactive sessions, and exercises are so well executed that people leave meetings saying, "Ok I get it, I know what's in it for me, I want to do this.”

Christopher de Wolfe Director of Risk Management, Mars Inc.


photo of Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy


Sean founded Lootok in 2006 with a vision: to do Business Continuity Management differently. Sean has blazed a path as a visionary through the business continuity industry. He blends cognitive science, military models, storytelling, engagement strategies, and industry standards to create new ways of understanding and managing risk. With more than 22 years of contingency experience, Sean oversees Lootok's quality assurance and serves an advisory role in program management, deliverable creativity and innovation, and leadership coaching.

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