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Lootok courts a BC software: We were struggling (Part I)

For a long while, Lootok was happy being alone—we were a start up in New York City that was shaking up the industry. We were doing things that many thought were eccentric, even radical, but we beat the odds, changed perceptions, and emerged as an innovative force in the industry.

Throughout our 10-year existence, we remained single. A number of times, we were approached by other vendors, but we were wary of making any partnerships. Deep down, we feared doing so might compromise all the hard work and strides we had accomplished

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As the years rolled by, friends asked:

“Why don’t you find someone nice and settle down?” But we had become so comfortable in our independence that we had become “picky.” We weren’t going to introduce our clients to anyone or any software that we didn’t have absolute confidence in. (See Myth 5 for the inside scoop.) Maybe our standards were high, but we didn’t want to settle.

We are a big proponent of data: of gathering it, of reviewing it, and most importantly, of learning from it. Doing data right, however, is not always easy. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, each of which deserved our full attention… but not all of which needed (or could afford) our bespoke solutions. (Again, have you read Myth 5?)

The unique demands of our clients made us reevaluate our single status. Maybe meeting someone else wouldn’t be that bad.

Our ideal software partner would have to be as forward thinking as Lootok, easy to use, easy to implement, and make our client’s lives easier. So we took the plunge.


    10 years

And, wow:

playing the field was like going to parties and enduring questionable blind dates set up by hopeful friends. We found ourself venturing online and “swiping left” through the all-too-familiar players: software that hadn’t kept up with the times, was a bit slow, or didn’t seem to really care about its users. Then we spotted a profile that claimed to “make the complicated simple.” It was refreshing to read the words “simplicity, clarity, ease of use, with all the functionality you’ll ever need.” We wanted to know more. And it was a British company! The intrigue of a partner with an English accent was enough for us to “swipe right

Would they do the same?