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Avoid the “wait-for-impact”​ culture - on your mark, get ready, get ready, get ready…

In our business, we can all identify with the feeling that something bad is looming—the next big power outage, unprecedented snowstorm, or vicious cyber attack is right around the corner. Sometimes it can feel like all we’re doing is getting ready for a negative event.

Many industry activities—things like assessments, plans, exercising, and auditing—help to create this “wait-for-impact culture.” As we evaluate endless industry standards, regulations, and consulting methodologies, there is a hyper-focus on documentation, policies, procedures, steering committees, and audits.

This methodical approach works with well-defined risks, or those threats that are so familiar to us that we’ve integrated them into the way we do business. But what about complex risk? The most procedural checklists and plans don’t account for managing those threats that we’ve yet to figure out. Risks that are still emerging and largely unknown are the ones that could actually leave us vulnerable.

Ten years ago, we developed Lootok’s BCM Model®* because we realized that it wouldn’t ever be enough for leaders to simply respond. For companies to stay competitive, leaders must be more proactive than ever to also consider threats that are on the horizon.

Based on a hybrid of the U.S. military model, Lootok’s BCM Model® helps organizations adapt to their changing risk environment, while managing and responding to threats. We push the organization to take an active stance towards managing risk. The model includes three phases: Get Ready, Stay Alert, and Take Action:

Get ready, Stay Alert, Take Action Lootok Get Ready is all about preparation, prevention, and mitigation. Typical Get Ready activities involve governance, policies, risk assessment, business impact analysis, and current state assessments. Once this basic foundation is built, it’s critical to continue building upon and maturing the program.
Initiate, Discover, Plan Lootok Central to Lootok’s BCM Model® is the idea that managing threats requires both offensive and defensive strategies. If you don’t spend the time in surveying your environment and gathering intelligence, you’ll always be fighting battles and playing defense. Unfortunately, many organizations spend their whole lives getting ready. Unable to anticipate the impact that’s coming, they’re unable to preemptively respond and minimize damage from negative events. They never enter the next phase of Staying Alert. Stay Alert activities may include training, exercising, managing intelligence, and resiliency engineering—all of which position an organization to build its internal capabilities, proactively monitor its risk environment, and become more resilient.
Practice, intelligence, resiliency engineering When Get Ready and Stay Alert strategies have failed, we must respond swiftly to the situation. Take Action can include Command and Control crisis management tactics, assessing reputational damage, and facilitating After Action Reviews. When treated as opportunities for learning, incidents can make an organization even stronger.
Respond, resume, opportunity lootok Why do so many wait for impact, instead of playing offense? In our goal to manage risk, we often forget to acknowledge its potential upside; risk and reward are sides of the same coin. Amidst the stress and chaos it can cause, a crisis is a brief moment in time that can create massive change within an organization. Having a comprehensive model in place can increase your odds for it to be a positive one.

Enjoy – Sean

*Business Continuity Management: Crisis Management and Communication, Incident and Emergency Management, Business Continuity, IT Recovery, Product Recall, Business Partner Risk, Supply Chain Risk
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Get ready, stay alert, take action!