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Business continuity and the Sony data breach

A massive data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which experts believe was targeted by North Korea as retaliation for a film depicting the assassination of its leader Kim Jong Un, has led to an international incident that has gained the attention of business continuity professionals. Even large companies like Sony can sometimes put business continuity planning on the back burner.  BC professionals say that attacks like this can sometimes change their minds.

“From a business continuity perspective it touches on so many dynamics,” Ammi Small, Account Executive at Lootok, said.  “It’s interesting when you think about how an event can quickly become a global crisis and then branch out to issues of reputational risk, financial risk and personal safety.” Lootok’s Dov Gardin and Ammi Small shared their perspectives with Continuity Insights magazine in a two-part series. Read part 1 and part 2.