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Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and Entrepreneurship

This presentation was presented at the D.C. Analyst Roundtable. I was asked to speak on crisis management, business continuity, and how to run a program like a business. You can download the presentation from SlideShare.

The presentation is divided into three sections.

Part I, I look at traditional risk management, which works extremely well in well defined, linear, environments. In this environment centralized decision-making, orderly processes, detailed plans, and statistical analysis work well. The environment is structure, stable, and predictable. We can systematically think through these environments because we know how they work. We can make decisions and estimates with relative accuracy.

Part II, I look at nontraditional risk management, which is focused on complex, nonlinear, environments. Risk management is facing more and more complex events. Here, sources of complexity are accelerating. These sources include entities and events that are connect. It is there speed and density of their connections that make it difficult for us see cause and effect and almost impossible to see cascading effects. In this environment centralized decision, orderly processing, and detailed plans do not work very well. This environment is not structure, not stable, not predictable. We have difficulty thinking through this events because we don’t know how they work. This environment requires a different set of capabilities.

Part III, I look at running an internal program as a business. Many programs are managed from a seasoned practitioner mindset, not an entrepreneurial mindset. If you see your job as running a business you see activities different. You will focus more on building demand and creating an amazing experience, campaigning and selling, as well as branding and marketing your program. 


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