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How can I raise business continuity awareness?

Business continuity can be a challenging thing to get people to pay attention to, especially when a disruption feels distant or unlikely. However, it’s critical that your staff knows about your company’s business continuity program and is familiar with its recovery strategies and plans—prior to an incident—in order for your planning to be effective.

So how can you raise business continuity awareness at your organization?

Here are some ideas:

  • Develop a recognizable brand and signature imagery for your program. Use this in presentations, handouts, and communications so that people immediately recognize your program and what it stands for.
  • Take advantage of larger events, such as National Preparedness Month in September, to tie business continuity activities and communications with home preparedness advice in order to make the program personally relevant.
  • Keep a pulse on other initiatives and campaigns that are getting attention at your company and work with the leaders of those programs to find tie-ins. For example, business continuity preparedness supports sustainability and vice versa. Return the favor with a nod to these programs when you are conducting presentations and trainings.
  • Reference heavily covered news stories about incidents that are happening outside of our company or region as a way to remind people of how to plan for and respond to similar incidents while their attention is focused.
  • Use online modules, visual campaigns, and competitive activities to capture people’s interest and educate them about business continuity.

Want more ideas on how to effectively roll out a business continuity awareness strategy? Lootok’s creative team can help you craft the right message that will resonate with your company’s culture and values.