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Lootok courts a BC software: It’s a Match! (Part II)

We’d been hurt before

Its a match

Years ago, we were seduced by software that promised to solve all of our problems. Maybe it was our fault for being too naïve. The software only ended up being way too complicated, and left us feeling so overwhelmed and abandoned that there was no choice but to eventually break up. The whole experience burned us so bad that we swore never to enter into the software market again.

Maybe we’d just been in the BCM scene too long, but we didn’t want anything flashy or something just “good enough.” Perhaps our standards were high, but we vowed to ourselves not to make the same mistake again.

So, we started slow, exchanging a few messages with the Brit to see if we had anything in common. We’d talked to many vendors over the years, most which tried to impress us with their complicated jargon and software-speak that only ended up being a huge turnoff. But while others had only claimed to be user-friendly, this Brit actually seemed easy to talk to. After chatting for hours, we set up a date.

Of course, curiosity got the best of us and we couldn’t help but Google our date beforehand. Poring over the search results, we were pleasantly surprised to find the Brit was a BCI gold partner, as well as ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited. Accolades aside, the Brit was recognized globally, with international clients in all sectors and regions. Naturally, the Brit was multilingual, having the ability to switch to the preferred languages of users around the globe.

Could this be love?

In the dim light of the computer screen, a small corner of our jaded heart began to glow.

Meeting in person, we were surprised by how natural it felt. The Brit had also been on the prowl, with little luck. Everyone, apparently, had struck the Brit as too textbook, too stodgy and cookie-cutter, too “by-the-rules.” Our creativity and edgy perspective, it said, was just what it had been looking for.

Was this the start of something special?