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Lootok names Managing Director, Brian Collins

Consulting at the board and the C-suite levels require more than experience and expertise. Presence matters. Strength of conviction matters. This caliber of consultant is a partner who confronts the thorniest topics head-on and who can speak the language of today’s leaders. Lootok has found such a talent. It is with great enthusiasm and expectation that Lootok announces Brian Collins as Managing Director. Mr. Collins joins Lootok with more than twenty years of risk management experience across industries and sectors. Based in Washington, DC, he will lead the global crisis management practice.

Mr. Collins is a decorated Marine officer with awards for valor in combat and service. He has worked at the highest levels of government with General/Flag Officers, Assistant Cabinet Secretaries, and Ambassadors. He paired his extensive governmental experience with a master’s degree from Georgetown University and graduated from the Senior Executive Fellows program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

CEO Sean Murphy speaks to Mr. Collins superior qualities: “Boards and senior managers know the business environment is fraught with danger. It not only takes dedication and innovation to thrive, but also an individual with extraordinary experience and personality to provide guidance at the most senior levels.  Mr. Collins has led on the battlefield and in the boardroom. He is an essential addition to the team and has already proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients across the globe.” 

Mr. Collins has worked with executives in a variety of industries from technology to energy to financial services to logistics—revolutionizing how companies thrive and managing risk in volatile environments. Furthermore, he has shown a deep understanding and appreciation for Lootok’s methodologies that blend cognitive science, military models, storytelling, engagement strategies, and industry standards.

Mr. Collins describes what drew him to Lootok: “The people and approach at Lootok are one-of-a-kind. The Lootok team has a depth and background unlike any firm in the crisis management space. By bringing together the very best practitioners with renown artists and technologists, the team produces a perspective that holds the potential to bring about positive change in organizations. Lootok exemplifies that creativity, imagination, flexibility, and confidence are keys to success in times of change, challenge, or crisis.”

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