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Press release: Lootok and Nettitude partner to provide cybersecurity and crisis management services

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The threats impacting businesses today are complex, insidious, and almost always have an up or downstream impact on technology. Cyber attacks are also borderless and can impact core operations as easily as business partner and supply chain operations. Therefore, when companies look to increase their resiliency they must weigh equally their operational and technological vulnerabilities.

One challenge that many organizations face is that there is no single entity governing cybersecurity and crisis management. With different reporting structures, separate budgets, and uncoordinated planning, they struggle to stay in sync. This partnership takes aim at breaking down those silos and helping organizations to get an honest and holistic view of their risk landscape.

What makes this such an ideal partnership is that Lootok and Nettitude are both thought leaders and innovators in their respective domains. Lootok blends cognitive science, military models, engagement strategies, and industry standards to create new ways of understanding and managing crisis management. Nettitude is uniquely positioned to provide simulations of real-world attacks to companies of any size, industry, or geographic location. Adhering to some of the highest accreditation standards in the industry including CREST, CBEST, and PCI DSS, Nettitude offers some of the most advanced testing practices and insight in the cybersecurity industry. Furthermore, Nettitude and Lootok understand the needs of Fortune 500 clients and have extensive experience working with global organizations.

Sean Murphy, CEO of Lootok, explains: “Everyone is clamoring for cyber exercises, but they don’t understand what their cyber vulnerabilities are. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario. We needed a partner who could unpack the specific and real cyber threats for our clients. We looked no further than Nettitude.” “We’re excited to bring cybersecurity solutions to organizations that may be facing cyber challenges for the first time, and are becoming increasingly aware of threats, new regulatory factors, or have even been affected by a malicious attack themselves. As we begin to see large scale attacks, it is crucial that every company have a cybersecurity strategy in place,” says Rowland Johnson, CEO of Nettitude.

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