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Reinvigorating BCM: The power of co-creation

More and more, successful organizations are realizing that a meaningful “customer experience” involves the co-creation of a product. This means that products are developed jointly by the company and the consumer, instead of being worked on entirely by the company itself.

Business continuity management is no different – to be successful, a business continuity program must be embedded within the organizational culture and add value to business processes. Collaboration, or co-creation, with the customer and end-user is the only way to effectively make this happen.

What does co-creation look like in business continuity?

Co-creation is more than mere customization; it means moving beyond delivering a standard product or service to co-creating an experience that is enhanced by the product or service.  The how becomes just as important, if not more so, than the what. This process challenges you to examine how you gather, analyze, share and report on knowledge. For example, consider your standard products and services (e.g., business impact analysis, risk assessment, plan template), and then ask yourself a couple of questions:

How can you gather or share information in a more collaborative or interactive way? How can you involve more stakeholders?

Consider identifying an organization’s greatest vulnerabilities and current or potential resiliency strategies by co-creating and facilitating a well-planned activity. For example, bring an entire leadership team together, and ask them to identify key parts of the company’s value chain, what could threaten it, and how the team would mitigate or respond to those threats. If you add a competitive twist (for example, separating the group into teams and pitting them against each other to brainstorm threats), you create a non-threatening environment for considering differing opinions that may not otherwise have been identified.

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