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Lootok courts a BC software: We were smitten, and it scared us (Part III)

The Brit seemed like our perfect partner, and we feared it too good to be true—technical sophistication, strong reporting/metrics, and flexibility? Our self-defense mechanism kicked in, and we couldn’t help but try to dig up some dirt. So, we asked others, “Hey, what’s the Brit really like?”

But despite our best efforts, all we could scrape up were rave reviews from their existing clients. By all accounts, the Brit seemed reliable, stable, and drama-free.

Though it may seem shallow to admit, we also wanted to date someone with a pleasing, modern aesthetic—and the Brit was recognized globally for its good-looking user interface. Having seen so many clunky platforms, we bonded in our mutual love for user-centered design. We spent many a weekend waxing poetic about the need for “simple, unobtrusive, intuitive planning.”

No doubt our attraction had been instant.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover our values and long-term goals seemed to ladder up too. The Brit valued our deep understanding of BC technology, and we liked that the Brit’s software was flexible enough to grow with the size and scale of our clients (together, we could conquer the world!). But perhaps what we loved most about the Brit is that it held true to its word. After making a sale to clients, it actually implemented the software to get it up and running quickly.

And the Brit was so smart! It knew all of the BCM basics, standards, and areas of compliance. But best of all, it also had the capability to provide incident management and emergency communication.

At the core, we seemed to understand what the other needed.

While everyone else we knew seemed to be obsessed with documentation, risk assessments, and plans, we just wanted someone who’d be there when sh*t hit the fan. We didn’t need fancy bells and whistles; we just wanted someone who shared our same goals: to help determine the impact of an event, guide people to make key decisions, and send notifications to users in the times when it mattered most.

How did we manage to thrive without the other for all these years? Together, we’re better. So, we decided to take the plunge. Announcing Lootok & Clearview – and the start of a beautiful partnership! We’re so happy we found each other.

Lootok + Clearview