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Why we picked ClearView as our BCM software of choice

During the past 10 years Lootok has been in business, we’ve stayed vendor agnostic while implementing many different crisis management and business continuity tools for clients. Humbled by our own trials and tribulations with software, we had yet to meet a vendor we felt excited about.

That changed last fall when we decided to partner with Clearview, our technological counterpart we’ve come to know and trust. We’re proud to say we believe ClearView to be the best software solution in the market. Here’s why:

1. It lets you try as you buy.

Pricing constraints from management, a drawn-out RFP process, and lengthy vendor negotiations—software can be a headache before it’s even implemented. After such a tedious buying process, the last thing you need is to be stuck in a long-term contract with a tool you’re not happy with. That’s why we decided to change the rules of the game with flexible range of options.

We offer 3.5 options for organizations in need of a BCM tool.

  1. Three-year subscription
  2. If you are comfortable with commitment, we have a multi-year subscription where we can drive the price down.

  3. Trade-In
  4. Trade-in your current software that is not doing its job. Trade it in for ClearView at no cost; that is, you don’t pay anything until the existing contract runs out.

  5. Start with Consulting
  6. Start with a consulting project and we will use ClearView. We will import the project data into the tool for free. Our services are built to support the tool. At the end of the project you can see what your data looks like in the tool then decide to buy it or not.

  7. Stay tuned
  8. We are also investigating a monthly subscription with a 30-day cancellation.

2. It grows with your program.

Many people purchase a piece of technology after being wowed in a demo by all of its advanced features. But consider what your program actually needs. Remember, your purpose in buying a tool should be to make your life easier, not more complex.

Whether you’re launching a new BCM initiative or maintaining a program, presumably your goal is to mature it and scale. That’s why we were adamant to find a tool that’s flexible enough to work with less mature programs, while still having enough features to support a program as it grows.

What we love about ClearView is it allows you to split the tool into “entities” (Plans, BIAs, Risk Assessments, Exercises, etc.), so you can be thoughtful about implementing only what fits your needs at the time. This flexibility allows you to keep the tool streamlined and practical, and avoid overwhelming users with extraneous features. Over time, the tool can easily scale and cater to changing requirements.

3. It’s friendly to all users.

It’s easy to perceive BCM tools as a means to help you get something done, like finally finishing a BIA. But if you have a tool that’s too complex and requires hours of training for users, it’s a fantasy to think you’ll be able to just import data and have half of the work done. Most often, the administration, troubleshooting, and training around software tools makes up for the time saved in any automated functionality.

ClearView is easy to use, and balanced in meeting the needs of both risk practitioners and end users. Risk practitioners are typically program enthusiasts who are managing the program or overseeing an aspect of it. End users, on the other hand, tend to be functional team leaders and members who create and access plans. BCM is just another item on their to-do list, so any tool that’s not intuitive and easy to learn like ClearView will just cause frustration and noncompliance. We love that ClearView “can say with certainty that none of our clients has had to invest in expensive comprehensive training program for end users, nor been faced with repeat training each time the software is used.”

4. It’s how you want it, where you want it.

Context is critical, especially during a crisis. ClearView was designed with a user’s context in mind—for example, a user’s location time, and goals. Its mobile app means you’re seconds away from accessing plans and information, wherever you are. The tool’s customized reporting features makes it easy to personalize views for executives, managers, and plan owners so they can access data that’s most critical to them, as quickly as possible.

ClearView is also multilingual: its entire solution can be switched to a user’s preferred language, so the same plan can be accessed in any language. For companies with global presence, not only is this critical in a disruption, it also enables better distribution of BCM responsibilities among non-native English speakers.

5. It’s ready for the future.

We were impressed, of course, by ClearView’s many industry awards and its recognition as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

But if you know us at Lootok, you know we believe success comes from shaking up the status quo. We constantly seek client feedback so we can evolve and stay on top of our constantly changing world. Our business was founded from an idea that BCM could be done a better way; that it didn’t need to be such a drudging effort.

ClearView, in making the complicated simple, shares this belief. Together, it’s our quest to improve and innovate our industry, inspire commitment among users, and make it easier for companies to build resiliency.

Lootok is Clearview‘s Americas service provider.
Email us at cvamericas@lootok.com or ring us at +1.646.961.3684 to get your demo.

Lootok and Clearview