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Can risk management ever be a revenue generating activity?

It seems like selling risk management projects internally can be like pulling teeth. So what would it take for people to be willing to pay for risk management initiatives? We posed the question to a group of risk management professionals on LinkedIn in preparation for our upcoming Building a BCM Brand webinar. Here’s some of what they had to say.

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Dodd Frank: the business continuity management solution

The Dodd-Frank Act requires corporate in-house compliance to implement a dramatically heightened level of transparency, self-awareness, and well designed resolution plans should the worst occur. Uncertainty is a familiar component for risk-related disciplines, unlike for most accounting or legal departments. Corporations suffering from the palpable uncertainty currently surrounding Dodd-Frank can best counter it with a flexible, customized business continuity management (BCM) approach – one that prepares the client for how best to navigate shifting compliance concentrations without sacrificing quality.

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Have yourself a crisis-free christmas

Ah, Christmas…. a time of yuletide cheer, decorating the tree, opening presents, office holiday parties, and of course, eggnog. All the things that make the holiday season so special… and so dangerous? If you’re feeling overcome with Christmas cheer, leave it to the business continuity professionals to put a damper on those holiday spirits with this list of top holiday risks.

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